Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, snap. An introduction, yo.

Another Horror Blog! What Can It Mean?

Welcome one and all to the first horror themed blog/podcast out of San Francisco, CA (that I'm aware of.)

"Creature" will be my stage name. As for my credentials and qualifications, I am a lifetime enthusiast of the horror genre. Books, movies, comics, RPGs, video games, I devoured them all. I'd like to be able to trace this interest to some specific root in my past, some left turn I made during my development when a synapse got crossed and my sense of pleasure got tangled into my enjoyment of fear, but this kind of thing probably shouldn't be scrutinized too closely. Suffice to say, I dig this stuff in a bad way.

I like to think I have a strong enough level of investment in the genre to speak with some degree of authority. Ten years ago (sweet zombie Jesus, where does the times go?) I started my high school's first and only trenchcoat-and-zit-faced-scowl horror club, I hosted weekly monster movie double features at my home to the chagrin of my parents, I managed to get my virgin friend laid during a trip to the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, Kane Hodder scared the wee out of me when I was eleven, I spent a gazillion dollars to travel to Transylvania and visit the ruins of Dracula's castle, I accidentally mangled a lovely autograph Clive Barker gave me, and I've got a statue of Cthulhu sitting on my desk right now.

The trenchcoated members of my horror clubs. The chicks dug us.

The creation of this blog is heavily influenced by other bloggers and podcasters I follow regularly, in particular Final Girl, Bloody Good Horror, and Horror Etc. My day jobs tend to involve a lot of solitude and manual labor, and I got really into listening to podcasts while I worked. I had cast about desperately for awhile, trying to find a forum for intelligent horror discussion. Unfortunately, I found that many forums and websites and podcasts are a bit too misogynistic or homophobic or just plain juvenile for my taste. Eventually I found stuff suited for my taste, created by people who are both enthusiastic and intelligent, and I wanted to contribute something to the discussion.

Make no mistake: I'm here for the fame. And the glory. And the vast, uncountable riches that come from being a blogger. I'm also eager to meet and exchange ideas and opinions with other horror geeks.

In this blog and on the subsequent podcasts, I am going to cover both the genre and the thematic stuff behind the genre (or at least as much as my feeble little mind can cover.) I always like hearing in-depth discussions of movies and I've got my own insights and questions to ask as well.

I like to think of this as an ongoing discussion. If you wanna throw anything at me, the e-mail is I am not a naturally combative person, so civility will be met with civility and rudeness will be met with my trashcan.

ia ia cthulhu fhtagn


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