Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feel Trailer

Hey all. Apologies for the sporadic posting. I've got houseguests for the next couple of weeks and I can't go snorkeling in the tenebrous waters of horror as often. My next big post will probably be my essay on Amityville 2 for the Final Girl Film Club.

Anyway, I was cruising around Kotaku earlier today and I came across the trailer for Feel. According to the article the game is being overseen by Grudge director Takashi Shimizu.

Not much to go off of so far. The brief glimpses of the gameplay certainly LOOK creepy enough and The Grudge/Ju-On are a couple of my favorite movies. Plus, using the Wii remote as a flashlight control could be very cool.

I'll keep an eye on this one. No need to thank me. Part of the job.

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