Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cabin in the Woods/First Look at Freddy

Man, Joss Whedon is really trying to win me over here.

I am most emphatically NOT a fan of the man's work. His sense of dialogue grates on my nerves and there's a bunch of thematic stuff that creeps me out. But I cannot deny that I'm really looking forward to Cabin in the Woods. The posters, which went into heavy circulation at Comic-Con, are funny as eff and if the website didn't thrill you then you're dead from the waist down. All the scuttlebutt around this flick is that the filmmakers are genuinely trying to scare you. I've been too psychologically healthy lately. It's time someone did something about that.

Also, and this is old news, but they've released the first image of Freddy Krueger from the Elm Street remake. The image looks very creepy, but I was surprised how closely they adhered to the classic look of the character. I'm sure the performance will be very different, but I was honestly kind of eager to see a new skin on an old monster.

I have been known to participate in horror forums, and in a discussion about the remake, one young woman said something to the effect of "I hope they don't turn Freddy into a child molester. I like him best when he's just a child killer." I thought this was interesting because I always thought it was implied that Freddy WAS a molester. There was always an element of predatory sexuality in his performances. He was always a leering monster, and his fixation on small children certainly implied there was an even darker edge to his killing spree. People really need to identify with franchise monsters on some level and it's really, really hard to get behind a child molester.

There's probably some deep cultural stuff going on in there, but I'm woefully underqualified. Instead, I'm gonna go see Orphan. Talk amongst yourselves.

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